Club Training

We warmly welcome divers from other training agencies - SAA, PADI, NAUI, SSI or any other recognised organisation to join us. Your existing qualifications will be accepted to the nearest BSAC qualification and on joining we will discuss with you your aspirations for further training, and map out a scheme to further your training goals if you wish. Alternatively you can simply join us using your existing qualification without any further training necessary (dependant on qualification already achieved)

To view the current BSAC equivalent qualification to your existing please see Statement of alternative Training (SALT).

We may charge a one –off joining fee to cover the cost of training dependant on your existing qualification and the training you would like. However please remember our fee is ALL IN. It is for all your future training and not just for a short training course. We are a club and no one profits from your training except from the sense of satisfaction in introducing you to this exciting sport.
For completely new divers there is a training fee which includes the use of Club equipment during your initial training period. We will normally run an Ocean Diver Course for beginners in the winter/spring period. This course can take between 10-12 weeks to complete, comprising about 8 hours of pool work followed by 5 Open Water dives. During this period we shall also deliver the theory lectures which accompany the practical work. The emphasis is on building a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience led by one of our suitably qualified Diving Instructors.

Once qualified the Club is keen to continue your skills development and assist with training you to higher levels which will enhance your enjoyment of diving.

We have the ability to run our own in-house courses for Nitrox, Boat Handling, Oxygen Therapy and Rescue Skills in addition to diving skills training and actively encourage all our members to continue their skills development.